Creating a World-Class Office Experience with Hivy

Managed by Q
June 6, 2019

We’re excited to share that, in support of our goal to make the world work better, we recently acquired Hivya task management tool for office operations teams and helpdesk for employees.

After almost four years working with thousands of offices and their teams, Managed by Q has seen companies become overwhelmed with the workload required to keep a growing team happy. As companies compete to attract and retain top talentand keep their teams productivethey’re investing more in amenities, such as seltzer machines, wellness rooms, and sophisticated office design.

With administrative teams and office managers working to provide the best possible workplace experience, the operations of managing it all is becoming increasingly complexeven for the most organized offices. In light of this workplace evolution, we realized we have to deliver a great experience not only for the office operations teams we serve, but for entire offices and their employees.


Launched in Paris a year-and-a-half ago by recent Y-Combinator graduates, Hivy cofounders Pauline Tordeur and Pierre-Alain Loiseau set out to improve the operations of office teams everywhere. It seemed that their office experience in Paris was not far from that of our co-founder Dan Teran’s in downtown Manhattandisappointing but motivating. Their team became fixated on solving the same problem we set out to solve: to make it easy to run an office.


Hivy’s platform enables office managers to collect employee requests, manage projects, assign tasks, and notify employees when their requests have been completed. While Hivy was designed as a custom task manager for office management teams, it also serves as a helpdesk for employees, allowing them to help shape their workplace environment.

Hivy is integrated with employees’ workflow through an online dashboard, email, and Slack, ensuring team needs are never lost in the daily shuffle, while saving office managers time and energy. Its platform uses data to deliver reports and insights previously unavailable to office teams, which helps them develop performance measurements for their job. Too often, the hard work of office managers goes unnoticed, despite their significant contributions to employee productivity and office budgeting. Hivy’s reporting will help operations professionals receive the recognition they deserve for their work.


We sat down with a number of office operations teams at large companies that were using Hivy to see how the product contributed to their day-to-day workflow. We quickly learned that it was one of the tools they couldn’t live without.

Much of this is due to Pauline and Pierre-Alain’s customer-centric approach to product development, which made the acquisition an easy decision. We saw natural alignment through our shared goals, and wanted to provide this experience to all Managed by Q customers.

Already used by some of the best-run companies around the worldfrom Andela’s 500-employee office in Lagos to Slack’s 10 international locationsHivy is a natural complement to our office services marketplace. Their platform enables office managers to concentrate on what they do best: delivering a world-class employee experience.

We are happy to share that Hivy will now be free of charge to all existing and future users, as well as all of Managed by Q’s customers. Currently a standalone product, it is on our roadmap to integrate the Hivy dashboard into our platform as Managed by Q Task Management.


We look forward to building great places to work around the world, and continuing to invest in people and technology to make the world work better.

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