How To Use Company Swag To Strengthen Workplace Culture

Daniel Spielberger

The importance of having a strong workplace culture should not be underestimated. According to one study, companies that have an established culture have a low turnover rate of 13.9% compared to 48.4% at those without.

A big part of fostering a strong workplace culture is by creating a sense of company identity. And a simple, yet highly effective way to strengthen company identity is with company swag.

In addition to helping you promote a distinct workplace culture, company swag also can ensure that you are leaving a lasting impression on existing and prospective clients.

An ASI study found that 57% of consumers have a more positive opinion about a brand that gave them a promotional shirt. On top of that, 63% of consumers give these products away to other people, resulting in additional brand awareness for your company.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the main things to consider when ordering company swag, as well as popular swag ideas that other companies have used.

What To Consider When Ordering New Swag

The last thing you want are boxes of company swag collecting dust in some storage closet. To make sure that you’re investing your time and resources wisely, you should be thoughtful and diligent. Here are some things to consider when ordering swag for your company:

1. Popularity and Usefulness

Your swag needs to have a functional purpose. Though USB drives aren’t necessarily glamorous, 91% of people keep branded USBs because they are useful. You should do some research to see what type of swag is appealing for your team. For example, if you are located in the Midwest, outerwear is particularly popular there.

When creating company gear for your team, you should conduct research at your workplace. Start a Slack channel to discuss items and then order accordingly. In addition to doing individual orders, purchase an extra few items if there’s one product that’s particularly popular.  Just make sure that your swag is inclusive and doesn’t alienate anyone in your office.

2. Quality

As mentioned before, an item’s marketing prowess stems from people giving these products to someone else. If you want your swag to have staying power, it’s worth paying a little extra to ensure that it lasts longer. In addition to making sure it’s great for long-term marketing, having quality swag is a great way of letting your employees know that you value them.

3. It Aligns With Your Company Mission and Values

Although 90% of companies claim they have a “clearly defined corporate values,” only 11% of employees know all of their workplaces’ values. To help bridge this disconnect, your swag should align with your company’s values. Have a few slogans on them that articulate broader goals and philosophies.

In terms of marketing, swag shouldn’t contradict your brand strategy. For example, if your ideal buyer is sophisticated and cautious, your swag shouldn’t have any quirky or outlandish slogans. On the other hand, if your company is tech-focused or has a specifically environmental mission, your swag should align with that in both the way it’s made and its aesthetic.

Popular Company Swag Ideas

There’s no shortage of companies designing interesting, unique swag for companies. Here are a few swag ideas that can help boost workplace culture and spread brand awareness:

1. Yoga Mats

Yoga has become remarkably popular—over 14% of adults have done some form of it. With yogis saying that it helps with everything from unplugging to alleviating tension, that number could potentially rise. Get in on the trend and order some branded yoga mats for employees and clients. Namaste!

2.  Nalgene bottles

Every minute, a whopping one million plastic bottles are purchased. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. Clearly, plastic is horrible for our planet. Why not use your company swag as an opportunity to make the world a little better? Get your employees custom Nalgene bottles to encourage them to be part of the solution by reducing their water bottle consumption.

3. Portable Chargers

According to one study, the average American spends 5.4 hours on their phone each day. Regardless of your employees’ own smartphone habits, a portable charger will surely come in handy when they are on a long commute, drive, or anywhere away from an outlet.  

4. Lip Balm

As the ASI study showed, some of the best swag is just plain old useful. The lip balm industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Unlike many products, lip balm isn’t gender specific—everyone’s lips gets dry!

5. Mental Block Toys

There’s an established link between workplace stress and a decrease in productivity. The more stressed out your employees, the more likely they are to be disengaged. Some research has shown that “fidget widgets” or “stress toys” can help sustain focus and increase productivity.

6. Hat

The average branded hat can generate over 3,136 impressions. Whether you have a company of twenty or fifty people, that’s a lot of impressions! Though the hat is traditional, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. You could use these hats to debut a new design or slogan.

Use Your Swag To Help Strengthen Company Culture

As an office manager, you should have a thorough understanding of your company’s culture. When deciding what your company’s swag should be, trust your instincts and think about what will be useful in the long-term. We recommend creating swag that adheres to your branding guidelines, and choosing items that align with the values and mission of your company.

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