4 Ways to Raise Brand Awareness Through Community Service

Mary Best
May 3, 2018

Increasingly customers make purchasing decisions based on a business’ personality. What does that mean? From your branding to the tone of voice of your social media page, your business is constantly building a distinct personality. One of the quickest ways to win the hearts of customers in your local community is to give back. Not only will you raise your brand’s profile as a company who cares, but by coming together, your team members will increase their chemistry and camaraderie. Here are some ways your business can give back to your city.

Organize a Food Drive

Team up with your favorite local food pantry to organize a food drive. Place collection bins around the office and offer incentives for your team to donate as much as possible. Whether you offer a matching incentive or create some healthy competition with an interdepartmental contest to see who can give more, a food drive is a great way to introduce your company to give back in a way that doesn’t require tons of extra effort. Consider providing incentives like gift cards or bragging rights to whoever gives the most.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

If organizing a food drive felt too easy for your team, consider graduating to a more challenging way to give back to your community—through old-fashioned community service! We promise this can be more fun than it sounds…you just have to make it fun! Team up with Habitat for Humanity and swing some hammers. Sort food at that food bank where you just donated all that food. Sponsor a street and get your business’ name on a sign. And don’t feel shameless by posting lots of photos of your team in action on your social media page.

By improving your community, you will set your business apart as a company who cares. And treat everyone to after-hours drinks when you’re done.

Donate Your Skills

Together with your team, find a non-profit organization to adopt. Find out where their needs intersect with your business’ expertise. And, because you still have a business to run, try to focus your efforts into a scheduled time. Some companies will do 24-hour sprints where they build a website for the organization they picked.

You can help with their accounting, paint their lobby, create a marketing plan or even convince your vendors to do a one-time job for them at a heavily discounted rate. Take some time to think about what skills and assets your team can offer.

Set Aside Service Hours

Can’t decide on a cause to back together? Sheri wants to help shelter animals while Bill wants to help start an urban garden for a community center. That’s fine. Implement an individualized service initiative by allocating five hours each month for your employees to serve a cause of their choice. Put up a “win” board where team members can post their progress and projects for everyone to see.

Giving back doesn’t require too much work, and, after all, you kind of love details and logistics. You can establish your company’s reputation as a business who is actively involved in community improvement. So, what are you waiting for? Go make your community better.

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