Changing the Way Boston Works

Managed by Q
June 6, 2019

We’re excited to announce that to kick off 2018, we’ve shipped up to Boston. Managed by Q has officially launched in the greater Boston area, helping companies across Boston and Cambridge run their offices.

When Managed by Q launched in early 2014, we were a cleaning and maintenance service in New York. Before long, we realized that the companies we were working with neededand wantedmuch more than a clean office to work effectively. That’s why we built the first platform dedicated solely to office services.

As we expanded our offerings and grew our client base to over 3,000 offices, our customers in the media, technology, and finance industries continued to express their desire to provide a better physical work space for their employees. In an increasingly competitiveand flexiblehiring environment, companies were placing a greater emphasis on the office than ever before. We wanted to help.

After expanding to Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Silicon Valley, we chose Boston for our next major geographic expansion. Long considered a leader in the tech industry, Boston has become a hub for talent and innovation.

With more than 75 million square feet of commercial space and some of the best universities in the world, more companies are opening up offices in Boston and Cambridge. We knew that Q could be a valuable partner to help these companies offer the best work environment for their teamsand further support the city’s growth.


Office teams in Boston, like their counterparts in other cities, face a common problem: there is no easy way to manage business-critical services that could make or break your work day, like bathroom plumbing or wifi connectivity. They often find the best “guy” to fix their heat through word-of-mouth, or spend hours combing through office management forums.

Leaders of several Boston-based companies have told us that office management tasks are spread across the organization and employees often pitch in regardless of their job function. Managed by Q wants to change thatso the marketing team isn’t greeting guests and account managers aren’t loading the dishwasherallowing teams to focus on building their actual business.

So over the past few months, our team has been on the ground in Boston sourcing the best service professionals in the area, including electricians, IT specialists, staffing agencies, and office movers. In one place, office teams can communicate with providers, schedule work, make payments, and review service quality. Our platform lets companies in Boston simplify an otherwise fragmented office management process, and spend more time building a productive and collaborative environment for their teams.

Q-Boston-Badge.pngManaged by Q looks forward to working with our new neighbors to the north to help create great workplaces where their teams can be focused, productive, and feel at home. Interested in learning about how we can help you create an office that inspires your best work? Get in touch.


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