Building Inspiring Office Spaces with NVS

Managed by Q
March 15, 2019

We’re excited to share that we recently acquired NVS—a real estate services firm specializing in pre-lease planning, project management, and facilities management for office spaces. The addition of the NVS team further supports our goal to provide companies with a full range of facilities services, from finding and building a space to staffing and optimizing their office.

After more than a decade working in real estate management, engineering, and architecture, Jason Havens founded NVS in 2011. We first crossed paths with Jason in 2014, when Managed by Q launched in New York as a cleaning and maintenance provider. NVS was finishing an office build out in Soho and was helping their client evaluate vendors for ongoing services in the new space. The client, a young tech startup itself, wanted to work with Managed by Q for office cleaning, having heard about our technology and good jobs strategy.

As part of NVS’s facilities management services, Jason reviewed Q in comparison to other cleaning vendors in the market. “It was nice to see a company using technology to support facilities services,” Jason said. “Managed by Q took an old school marketplace and shook it up.” We ended up providing evening cleaning in the client’s new office, and found ourselves on the same job sites as NVS more and more often.

Grovo New York City office

Over the past four years, we’ve collaborated to provide our clients with a seamless facilities management experience. When NVS completed a full build out for Becca Cosmetics in late 2015, Managed by Q helped finalize the space with several handyman projects and post-construction cleaning. After NVS managed Justworks’s move to a 60,000 square-foot office in 2017, Managed by Q assembled more than 200 pieces of furniture and set up the space ahead of their move-in date. And most recently, when NVS finished managing the construction of Glossier’s new headquarters just one floor below our own, Managed by Q supported them with a variety of installation projects.

With every project, the NVS team brings decades of experience working with landlords, architects, engineers, and general contractors—enabling them to best understand complex building and lease requirements, vendor contracts, city regulations, and permitting. The depth of their expertise around managing the design and build of a space is critical for office management teams without experience managing projects of this scale.

When NVS completes a project such as a relocation, custom build-out, or renovation, our team of office specialists is ready to follow up on the management of facilities vendors and ensure a smooth transition into managing the space. We offer clients the technology to set up their space, and the intelligence to efficiently manage their daily operations.

Dan Teran and Jason Havens reviewing client plans

Together, Managed by Q and NVS offer an end-to-end solution for companies looking to establish and optimize their workplace operations. As employees expect more from their offices and the management of office space becomes more complex, it is our mission to make delivering that experience easy. With long-standing commitments to saving businesses time and money—something NVS has championed by consistently delivering projects on time and under budget—we make it easy for teams to prioritize the employee experience.

With the NVS team now part of Managed by Q’s new project management division, we’re able to offer more services and real estate expertise to help our clients create work environments that inspire their teams’ best work and help attract and retain talent.

To learn more about our pre-lease planning, project management, and facilities management services, contact Managed by Q’s project management team at


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