Budget-Friendly Design Ideas to Transform Your Office

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December 18, 2019

Rethinking your office design can be daunting, especially as employee expectations for their workspace rise. It is no longer enough for an office to be purely functional—design now plays a key role in company branding, employee recruitment and retention, and supporting employees’ different working schedules and styles.

If you are looking for office design ideas to refresh your space but have a limited budget, you can still create an inviting, inspiring, flexible office. Before you start painting walls or buying new furniture, take some time to the design with a clear purpose.

Before you redesign your space:

- Collect feedback from your team about what isn’t currently working

- Define what you want your space to achieve, such as host client meetings or enable employees to collaborate

- Create a budget with your finance team

To create a more defined plan, you may choose to work with an interior designer who can help you develop office design ideas that utilizes your space most efficiently. They can also help source furniture and fixtures that match your office aesthetic at a good value. Once you have a plan in place, you can identify what you need to buy new and what you can repurpose. 


To creatively refresh your office decor and stay within your budget, interior designer Kaitlyn Payne of Basicspace shared the following advice:

- Refinish or reupholster existing furniture and fixtures to give them a new look

- Purchase furniture that can multi-task, such as storage cubes or benches that can also be used for seating

- Create an accent wall using eye-catching wallpaper, wall decals, or your logo

- Supply employees with matching desk organizers and accessories in on-brand colors and ensure all personal items fit in these organizers

- Hang curtains inside of glass conference rooms to frame the room, provide privacy, and absorb sound that can bounce off the glass

Add plants to your office to create an organic pop of color, especially hardy varieties like Snake or ZZ plants


For more budget-friendly office design ideas to enhance your space, download our free guide, Designing an Office Space Your Team Will Love. The guide includes:

- Tips for creating a seating chart
- Design pieces worth investing in
- The right order to install new furniture, fixtures, and art
- How to find affordable art
- How to choose the right plants for your space

Office operations teams will learn how to add details that will enliven their space and manage office design projects, including planning, budgeting, and goal setting.



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