Boosting Mindfulness In The Office

Daniel Spielberger
April 24, 2019

Sometimes when you get used to a work routine, it’s easy to feel like you’re on autopilot. Every day you step into the office, clock in, accomplish your tasks, and then clock out.

Though there’s nothing wrong with being productive and focused, employees shouldn’t ignore things like their own mental health. In our quest for increased productivity, we've inadvertently increase worker stress and ignored the toll it takes on the human brain.

Today, the conversation around mental health has become more important than ever, with companies investing millions of dollars into wellness programs and mindfulness in the workplace.

You may not have that kind of budget, but there are still things you can do to boost mindfulness in your workplace:


Work can sometimes feel like a non-stop marathon of deadlines. Meditation could help your colleagues take the occasional breather necessary to increase mindfulness. You should look into getting a meditation coach to come to your company and teach weekly classes for the entire staff. These coaches can show your colleagues how to create their own zen. In addition, encourage employees to download meditation apps.  


It’s hard to be mindful when you’re feeling sore. Yoga is a fantastic way for employees to stretch out their bodies, spend some time away from the desk, and learn soothing breathing patterns. Look into bringing a yoga instructor twice a month to give introductory classes and getting your CEO to make yoga classes a subsidized perk.

Quiet Space

The 21st-century workplace is filled with endless distractions. From the songs blasting on the Sonos speaker to your work friends chit-chatting during coffee-breaks, there’s a constant stream of noise.

That’s why companies have started creating quiet spaces within their offices that can give employees a welcomed break from all the chaos. If your office is in a warmer climate, you could even set up a little outside patio space for your coworkers. Whether it’s a noise-canceling phone booth or a chill corner with bean bags, these quiet spaces can serve as mini-sanctuaries that can boost mindfulness.

Catered Breakfast

How you start your mornings have a serious impact on the rest of your day. You should find a way to make sure your employees’ mornings start on the right note.

Once a week, order a catered breakfast for your team. In an email before breakfast, stress that this is a work-free event so everyone is encouraged to spend this time getting to know one another. If you want to add some structure to these breakfasts, suggest a few ice-breakers or games for everyone to take part in.

Checking In

Though activities and special spaces can help boost mindfulness in the office, the best thing you could do is create a culture in which everyone is invested in one another’s well-being. As an Office Manager, this means checking in if an employee seems like they are going through a rough patch or mediating conflict if it’s arising. Come up with a list of strategies and coping mechanisms to recommend to employees if they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

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