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Managed by Q
October 29, 2019

Managed by Q is holding open auditions for guests to appear on our podcast, What's Working!

What’s Working is a collection of short stories about the realities of working in an office. We aren't offering advice or asking experts for their opinions—this is about what it really feels like to be at work and the true experiences of what happens in an office today.

We’re looking for true stories—past or present from anyone who physically works in an office (or has a lot of recent, relevant experience working in an office). We are seeking guests from any profession, working in any role, with any level of experience who have a unique story or two to tell. Last season we heard stories about the following topics:

  • Pets 
  • Crushes
  • Crying 
  • Bouncing back 
  • Difficult bosses 
  • First jobs

Next season on What’s Working, we’re interested in hearing any story you have! Here are some inspiring topics to get you thinking:


Have you ever had an interview that went horribly wrong? Or was just plain weird? Were you asked an unusual question, or told to do something you weren’t prepared for? What was the best interview you’ve ever had, and how did you land that job?

Imposter syndrome

We’ve all heard the phrase, “fake it until you make it.” But how do you overcome self-doubt, or feelings of incompetence? Was there a time you really held yourself back, or worked with someone you thought was a fraud?

Work parties

They’re a blast! What’s the wildest work party you’ve ever experienced? Did you ever do something at work that you regretted? Or witness something that became office gossip? Maybe the holiday happy hour at your last workplace went too far. We won’t name names!

Working with friends

Working with your best friend can be a dream come true, or it can be a total nightmare. What if you like your friend but not their work style? What happened when they got promoted, but you didn’t? Did working together ruin your friendship, or make it stronger?

Work lunches

Everyone has to eat. What was it like to have lunch on your first day? Was there a catering mishap at your office that people still talk about? Maybe you forgot your food on the train, got scolded for heating up something fishy, or had someone at work make fun of your lunch box.


Sayonara! What happened at your last job that made you want to quit? Did you make an extravagant exit, or go quietly? Or maybe it was your colleague who had to be escorted out by building security… 

These are some of our ideas, but no topic is off limits! If it’s a story that happened to you at work, we want to hear it. Send us an email at with your best stories for your chance to be featured on a future episode.

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