6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an Office Manager

Thomas Adams
August 26, 2019

One of the keys to building a successful business that is able to make the most of its resources is having a competent office manager who oversees the day-to-day activities that take place within the workplace.

There is an array of unique responsibilities that must be acknowledged when running your business regardless of the industry you may be in. From organizing events all the way to maintaining a general sense of community in the office, a manager can further the efficiency of your team. Although each company has its own needs when it comes to doing the job effectively, most would agree that an office manager plays a crucial role in setting the tone of the office.

Whether you are looking for someone who specializes more in the realm of reception that is able to keep up with company relations, a maintenance focused leader that can mitigate the presence of downtime and technical errors within the office, or just someone who is able to commit to a little bit of everything, the role of an office manager is an important role in virtually any business.

Here are 6 of the main advantages of having an office manager on your team: 

1. Delegation of Day-to-Day Operational Activities

There seems to be an infinite amount of tasks that accompany the prospect of running a successful small business. It can be time-consuming to try and deal with all of these different responsibilities on your own.

This problem can be easily resolved when an office manager is introduced as part of your team. They are able to take care of the day-to-day operations that are related more to short term goals.

Because of this, you, as the head of the business, will be able to delegate your precious time to components of your company that are more prominent; focusing on the big picture such as arranging important sales calls and establishing proficient marketing that all contribute to an overall increase in your ROI.

An office manager with a high capability for effective organization can become the leader of small scale operations while you shift your attention to fostering long term accomplishment. 

2. Management of Basic Finances

It can be a daunting task to try and keep up with all the financial responsibilities that come by way of your business. An office manager can contribute to an overall system that is more efficient by functioning as an extra aid that is able to target some tasks relating to this topic.

They deal with frequencies that occur within the office each day which enables them to develop an extensive knowledge of aspects of your business such as the prices of hardware, supplies, and other resources that need to be restocked. Because of this, they are able to use it to their advantage to negotiate prices and strengthen your financial state.

This goes hand in hand with making them a part of your bookkeeping services. Office managers can become an additional force to this job that makes it more effective over time, whether it be overseeing payroll or collaborating with the company’s accountant to optimize quality.

In addition to this, if your company ever decides to relocate — which is inevitable for many small businesses that gradually become more successful — to a different space your office manager can help make decisions regarding multiple factors due to their familiarity with the staff and each of their individual needs. 

3. System Management

Within a number of businesses, there are many technical systems in place to uphold operations and enable your team to run as efficiently as possible. These include items such as furniture, supplies, and other basic equipment that is utilized on a daily basis.

Although it may not seem like it, these components are crucial to your success which means that they must be kept up with effectively. They are able to keep track of data involving office supplies so that restocking can be completed when needed without any dead periods.

This extends to practically every item that is most commonly used by your staff. As the leader of your company, you most likely do not have the time to keep up with these smaller details; however, your office manager can which contributes to a positive office flow. 

Office managers can also manage the facilities that you carry out your work in as a whole. They can become responsible for completing tasks and taking on projects that enhance the cleanliness and efficiency of your facilities.

4. Contributing to a Positive Company Culture

The culture of your company is important because it establishes a sense of togetherness and identity among the employees on your staff. It exhibits the values and principles that are at the base of your business which provides each person with an apparent sense of purpose that motivates them to put forth their best effort for the sake of everyone’s success.

In order to develop a consistent culture that is positive while also being able to implement its basic components into your day to day operations, you need a leader that can function as an effective point of contact between the team and the company itself. An office manager is able to take on this responsibility and create a long-lasting impact that works to maintain unity among employees. Due to their daily interaction with pretty much all of the employees, they become a source of stability that is able to support the flow of your operations while simultaneously enhancing community values among your staff.

This can be done by way of the creation of in-depth social calendars, relaying important information that keeps everyone on the same page, and troubleshooting any issues within the workplace so that a continuous connection exists between all departments and individual employees. In addition to this, they boost the morale of your employees by giving them the opportunity to have a direct contact that can be used to resolve problems. Often times, employees experience issues that interrupt their ability to be productive or satisfied within the workplace.

However, those at the head of the company simply do not have the time to work directly with them to better their situation. These instances can be improved with the help of an office manager who can delegate their full attention to the needs of all employees which makes them feel more valued as an individual. As a result, morale is boosted and the team feels appreciated as a whole.

5. Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

Because of the many skills of an office manager, they are able to be a key force behind the development of an office that is both efficient and professional. This improvement will be something that your clients will immediately notice as they work with you over time.

Office managers can keep up with your operations in a manner that furthers the client experience to be one that is optimal in terms of quality. This can also be related back to the manager’s effect on employees which boosts their morale and translates to better interactions with your clients.

A more well-formed structure that encourages satisfaction will leave a long-lasting impact on each of your clients that builds loyalty and trust. The impact is had increases your number of repeat customers and referrals that they give to others which overall can elevate your level of success and profitability as a small business. 

6. Overseeing Human Resources

Your office manager will become the office’s new source of information when it comes to matters regarding human resources. They are able to handle responsibilities that relate both to enforcing rules to be followed by the staff and functioning as a person who can be contacted by team members if any issues are present.

This is especially beneficial because it allows everyone to have their questions or concerns addressed in a manner that is quick while not having any negative impacts on everyone else’s happiness and productivity.

Office managers can also direct their attention to common situations that involve employees such as sick days, maternity leaves, and holidays so that everyone is informed and the information can be consistently tracked over time. Altogether, this results in a more put together work environment that everyone will be satisfied in.

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