5 Best Practices for Running an Effective IT Help Desk

Nidhi Nair
March 10, 2023
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How Do You Run an Effective Help Desk?

Your IT help desk is essential for solving user issues and ensuring a smooth workflow. Running an efficient and effective help desk isn’t always easy though. Your IT teams can quickly become inundated with requests, and things can easily get disorganized. This can cause bottlenecks and a loss of productivity. Fortunately, some solutions will help keep your IT desk running at peak capacity. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the five best practices for managing an effective IT help desk. Let’s dive in.

5 Best Practices To Follow for Internal Service Requests

If you want your internal service requests to get processed in an organized and efficient manner, you need the right tools and strategies in place. Here are five of the best practices to follow for internal service requests:

Use a Comprehensive IT Help Desk Software System

Running an efficient IT help desk requires a comprehensive IT Help Desk software system. A software system should help your IT team track, manage and resolve tickets as they come in.

With the right help desk software system in place, your team won’t lose tickets in the shuffle and requests can be resolved as quickly as possible. It’s no longer enough to just give IT teams basic tools for ticketing. A full-featured software with a suite of tools is essential for teams both big and small.

Organize Incoming Requests

Organizing incoming requests is one of the most important things an effective IT help desk can do. Proper organization and prioritization help to ensure issues can be quickly resolved and those who submit the request don’t have to wait too long for a response. 

The right internal ticketing software can help automate the organization and prioritization process. If your IT team is trying to organize all of these tasks manually, they’re inevitably going to be less productive and resolve fewer requests. Following the organization tips will help your IT team resolve requests promptly and ensure your help desk is running as smoothly as possible.

Assign Tickets To Related Teams & Employees

Speaking of organization and prioritization, all of your tickets should be automatically assigned to related teams and employees. By having a system to help assign tasks, the right team member will get notified and can help to complete the task as soon as possible. When tickets are routed properly, there is less confusion and fewer bottlenecks.

In addition to assigning tasks to the right person, you can also see which teams are overwhelmed or need additional help. This way you can route tasks to teams or team members with more bandwidth, rather than piling onto teams that can’t complete a task. 

While assigning tasks manually and having an organization system for assigning is useful, it helps to have software assisting you with this process as well. When you have internal ticketing software helping your IT team with the more tedious tasks, things get done much faster.

View Reports To Understand How Tickets Are Being Resolved

One of the best ways to stay on top of IT help desk performance and improve it over time is by viewing reports. When reporting features are integrated into your ticketing process, you can view ticket resolution times and identify inefficiencies. Based on the data you get, you can talk with your IT team and see what resources they need to overcome these challenges. You can see which team members handle specific request types efficiently and assign based on these metrics. This allows you to optimize and fine-tune your IT help desk performance as much as possible. 

Reporting tools are another way to identify which teams and individuals are receiving more requests than they can handle. You can also adjust how you prioritize assignments based on your report findings. For instance, if you notice one type of task can be resolved in minutes, these tasks can be prioritized over more complex tasks that can take hours to resolve.

Overall, reports give you the insights you need to make your IT help desk as efficient and effective as possible. Tracking these metrics can help you improve the department over time while also reducing the stress and workload on your IT team.

Regularly Update Logs To Track Status

It’s important to regularly update logs and allow team members to see ticket status. These logs should include information like when tickets are resolved, who the ticket is assigned to, what stage in the resolution process the ticket is in and any other relevant information.

These logs help to keep everyone on the same page and give more transparency into the IT process. It also prevents the IT team from being bombarded with requests for status updates, which can distract them and slow them down. In general, updated logs will reduce confusion and bottlenecks.

What Are the Benefits of Eden’s Internal Ticketing Software?

If you need comprehensive IT help desk software, Eden can help. Our internal ticketing software can help you with all the best practices we covered in today’s blog. Eden’s internal ticketing software offers the following benefits and features to help your IT desk run as smoothly as possible:

  • Omnichannel Ticketing — Omnichannel ticketing lets your employees ask questions, review ticket status and more with the tools they use most. Eden easily integrates with tools like Slack and email.
  • Quick Categories — Our internal ticketing software allows you to organize and filter tickets by categories. You can view IT requests, HR requests or tickets for any other team.
  • Organized Resolution — Eden provides the tools you need for organization. With our platform, you can set deadlines, assign labels, comment on tickets, see who tickets are assigned to and much more.
  • Subtasks — Complex tickets can slow down IT teams, but you can make them much more manageable by splitting them up into subtasks. You can easily add subtasks to open tickets and track progress, allowing transparency into how close a ticket is to being resolved.
  • Update Logs — Both employees and admins can get up-to-date logs and status updates. This way there is no confusion about where IT is in the resolution process.
  • Ticket Metrics — Eden breaks down detailed data reports into your ticket resolution process. You can see how quickly tickets are resolved, the categories that receive the most tickets and other relevant information to help make your internal ticketing process more efficient.

Eden is a people-centric solution. Not only will your IT team be more productive, but your employees will also be happier. Ready to learn more?

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