10 Epic Playlists for Great Office Vibes

Krista Gray
July 9, 2018

Staying alert and productive at the office can be hard after a poor night’s sleep, too many sugary snacks, or a mind-boggling number of meetings; designing an office that helps everyone feel awake and inspired can make a major difference when it comes to getting great work done. Not sure where to start? Aspects like office lighting, room colors, and temperature are obvious considerations—but the music you play can have a real effect, too.

According to Can Clark, the CEO at Brain.fm, sounds can help or hurt productivity, even it’s just literal background noise. “For focus, you want music with a combo of qualities such as the right density of sound texture, high energy with low salience (distracting sounds), and other acoustic characteristics like reverb,” he explains. “Reverb is known to help sounds sit better in the background which makes changes to the ear less sudden.”

Want to prevent your security guard from falling asleep? Round out your playlists with selections that have a good rhythmic cycle, well-blended vocals, and an uplifting feel; the office simply isn’t the place for your favorite tear-jerker Adele ballads or sleepy bluegrass songs.

Spotify lovers take note: We found 10 epic playlists that’ll keep everyone awake, energized, and inspired:

1. Productive Morning: Start the day on a productive foot with these inspired songs.

2. Mellow Beats: Mellow out as the morning winds down with this mix of softer jams.

3. Brain Food: Turn it up with some electronic.

4. Deep Focus: These “atmospheric” beats were collected with concentration in mind.

5. Focus Flow: This instrumental list is chock full of upbeat tracks, no lyrics needed.

6. Mood Booster: Post up and rock out; this playlist features feel good songs from a couple of different decades.

7. Have a Great Day: It’ll be impossible to drift off with these happiness-infused beats.

8. Your Favorite Coffeehouse: Grab a post-lunch warm drink and hunker down to GSD with these coffee shop worthy tunes.

9. Feeling Good: These timeless songs will carry your team through the afternoon when it starts to drag on.

10. Stay Wild: Not too loungey or too loud, this wanderlust-worthy playlist is perfect for Friday afternoon.

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