Workplace Strategy: Returning To The New Workplace

Learn what changes are taking place to space based on Covid-19

About This Event

Join us for this webinar where two of the biggest names in remote work research, Dr. Anita Kamouri and Kate Lister, will provide critical insights into the future of work and the workplace:
  • Is Covid-19 the Work-from-Home Tipping Point?
  • How and where will people work Post-Covid?
  • How has organizational, technological, and employee readiness impacted the work-from-home experience?
  • What should employers do to prepare their people for the next round of virus outbreaks predicted for later this year?
  • How can workplace strategists and commercial real estate executives prepare themselves for the future of work?
Anita and Kate will share new insights, practices, and approaches based on their ground-breaking Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey research, which has been fielded to employee populations throughout the world. If you have not taken the survey, please click here and add your voice to this industry-leading research.

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