Team Safety

Eden’s team safety software helps you keep your team safe with employee vaccine tracking and negative COVID test result monitoring.

How it works

  1. Create custom health questionnaires for employees and visitors - Build custom digital forms for employees and visitors to complete at or before arrival at the office, to verify that they are healthy. Once the questionnaire is completed, you’ll be able to track who passed and who triggered a red flag.
  2. Track health documents digitally - Employees can easily upload their vaccine verification documents, proof of booster shots, negative test results, and any other documents your org requires via web or the Eden mobile app.
  3. Control who can access the office - Set rules for who can check into the office, keeping everyone inside safe. Admins can create rules around who is required to upload vaccine information or negative test results, as well as who must complete a health questionnaire in order to check in.
  4. Conduct contact tracing - In the event that someone who’s recently been in your office has tested positive for COVID or another contagious illness, you can quickly identify everyone else who was in the office on the same day to notify them of potential exposure.

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