Performance Management

Eden’s performance management software enables people-centric teams to gather 360 feedback and customize review cycles.

How it works

  1. Design customizable, holistic review cycles - No more restrictive, inflexible performance review processes. With Eden’s employee performance management software, you can create fully-customizable review cycles, select your review cadence, and create workflows tailored to specific team or company requirements.
  2. Gather 360 review feedback across your organization or by department - Set up 360 review cycles to ensure that everyone in your company is receiving the feedback they need to grow at work. And, measure exactly what your company is trying to measure—create any type of question for any workflow, from long-answer, to numerical or quick response ratings, to optional responses, and more.
  3. Access current and historical review cycle data - Ensure your team stays on track and never misses a deadline through employee performance management software. See who has started their reviews, who is in progress, and when reviews have been submitted. Then, once a review cycle is over, collect and store historical, company-wide data on performance trends, employee satisfaction, and more, to inform planning and hiring decisions.
  4. Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools - Employees can keep on top of their performance review cycle deliverables within the tools they’re already using. Eden's employee performance management software integrates with Slack, Teams, identity providers for SSO and directory syncing, and more, making it easy to conduct 360 feedback cycles and notify employees when they have new review deadlines.1.

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