Employee Engagement Surveys

With our employee engagement survey software, create sentiment surveys, track longitudinal response data, and collect feedback as needed.

How it works

  • Customize high-quality survey questions or use a pre-built, research-backed template - Get the answers you’re looking for, easily.. Create your own custom survey questions, or select from Eden’s bank of 75 research-backed survey questions.
  • Collect confidential or anonymous survey responses - Make it easy for your employees to share how they feel. Track responses by department, manager, and more (while still maintaining employee confidentiality), or keep responses completely anonymous.
  • Track data to identify areas for improvement and retain top talent - Gather the insights you need to improve your company culture and keep your employees on board. Eden’s survey analytics allow you to track longitudinal response data, and drill down by department, role, and more.
  • Integrate with the tools you already love - Make it easy for your employees to complete engagement surveys with the tools they’re already using. Eden’s employee engagement surveys integrate with Slack, Teams, and email, to streamline the process.

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